Corleone: beyond the Mafia

The name "Corleone" is not simply that of a Godfather. Discover this pictoresque village in the middle of the Sicilian counrtyside, enjoy the warm hospitality of the people and their effort to struggle against the Mafia.

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The guided tour, lead by an activist of a local non-profit orgaization, will retrace the history of Corleone from the late nineteenth century. It runs through the city center and includes the “Laboratory of Legality”. Here you can admire the works of the Sicilian painter Gaetano Porcasi, which focus on the history of the Mafia and the Anti-mafia movement.


  • Explore the alleys of Corleone with a local activist
  • Learn about the history of the Mafia in Corleone through the painting of Gaetano Porcasi
  • Climb the "Rocca Soprana" to reach the best viewpoint of Corleone

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