The highest active volcano in Europe is a true wonder of nature

A physical presence that is at the same time threatening and reassuring, an irrepressible force that man has always tried to understand and explain, today with the tools of Science, yesterday with those of Myth. Etna Park is the first natural park in the Sicily region. It was founded with the dual purpose of defending the delicate ecosystem of the volcano and promoting the development of local communities with a view to eco-sustainability.

TRAVELTOUR Discover Etna in these tours:

  • Weekend The flavors of the black earth

    City break at the slopes of the volcano, mother Etna, as the people of Catania call it. Three days to get to know this special mountain, the unique and spectacular landscape that gives rise to skiing and lava flows, and the fruits of this fertile and mineral land.
    • 3 days
    • minimum 2
    • on demand