Our Mission

Mafia-free tourism, a new frontier for the ethical tourist, supports those who rebel against the Mafia dominion.

We offer you a land of extraordinary cultural and  artistic heritage. An experience which balances beauty with social duty.  This is an opportunity to understand, first hand, the most important moments, people and places of the Anti-Mafia movement. We want to show our visitors the real face of Sicily, above and beyond stereotypes and tourist traps.  We want to restore dignity to our country and raise the profile of the people who are fighting for change.  We want our guests to be captivated by this experience so that they may have the same enthusiasm as us. 

The businesses which we use for our tours do not pay pizzo (this is the Italian name for protection money, a sort of "extorted tax" imposed by the Mob). They are owners of hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, farms and transport agencies who have made the brave decision to rebel against the Mafia. Some of them work in premises confiscated from bosses of Cosa Nostra.
Whoever travels with us chooses accommodation facilities certified by Addiopizzo and travels 100% pizzo-free.  Take a stand and aid the development of circulating a clean economy.  Take a stand and support the volunteers working on the front line of this social conflict.  Take a stand and help us stop the Mafia receiving a single cent of your money. 

A part of the revenue of Addiopizzo Travel is donated to local NGO which plays an active role in our tours: Comitato Addiopizzo, Casa Memoria Peppino e Felicia Impastato a Cinisi, Libera, Centro Sociale San Francesco Saverio, Centro Siciliano di Documentazione "Giuseppe Impastato". In particular, the funds we donate to Addiopizzo is used for publicize the communication campaing against the Mafia, strenghten the mafia-free shops and business network and contribute to the social, cultural and recreational activities with children and teenagers in the poorest areas of Palermo.

Our tour operator emerged from Addiopizzo as an extension of the ethical consumer strategy against  the pizzo it specifically targets the tourism sector.
This grassroots Anti-Mafia movement was founded in 2004 by a group of young people under one slogan: an entire people which pays pizzo is a people without dignity. The strategy used by Addiopizzo in its work is wholly innovative: ethical consumerism against the pizzo. People's selective purchases support businesses which do not give in to the extortionate demands of the Mafia and openly side against them. Addiopizzo urges society to commit to change and encourages a collective cultural revolution against the Mafia.
To find out more… www.addiopizzo.org