Goals & Accomplishments

Goals achieved and new horizons: here the history and the work plan of Addiopizzo Travel.


01/01/2009 Birth

Addiopizzo Travel emerges as a branch of the Anti-mafia ognanization Addiopizzo: an extension of the ethical consumer strategy against the pizzo it specifically targets the tourism sector.

01/01/2010 APQ Project

The Regional Touristic Department of the Sicilian Region chooses Addiopizzo Travel as the recipient of a grant directed to the planning of touristic itineraries capable of highlighting the Sicilian territory in its several components and resources, and to the internationalization of the touristic product “Sicily”. It is the project A.P.Q. “Systematic Actions for the Tourism” between the Department for the Economic Development and Cohesion of the Ministry for the Economic Development and the Touristic Department of the Sicilian Region with the initiative “3 NEW – Sicily pizzo-free”, for the planning of two itineraries on cinema and literature in Sicily and cycle-tourism, still ongoing.
To conclude each project, the operators of Addiopizzo Travel inserted an analysis of the quantitative impacts inserting indicators such as number of participants to each event, number of economic operators involved inside and outside the Sicilian territory, and resources implied inside and outside the territory. 

27/12/2011 Paesaggi d'Autore

Addiopizzo Travel presents two literary tours: "The Sea by the City" and "Palermo Theatre Noir". They are the outcomes of the interregional project “Author Landscapes”, aimed at the organization of two activities of territorial entertainment.

09/03/2012 To Do! Contest

Addiopizzo Travel wins the TO DO! CONTEST in 2011, an International award dedicated to responsible tourism projects.

05/05/2013 Pionieri

Addiopizzo has been one of 10th realities identifiable as social enterprises, associations, or Italian startup to be recognized as Pionieri by the association RENA. The “pioneer projects of social innovation and responsibility” had been inserted in an e-book presented to the Italian Parliament in Rome in April 2014. 

31/03/2016 Ashoka

Addiopizzo Travel joins Ashoka, the largest network of social entrepreneurs worldwide.

03/12/2016 AITR

Addiopizzo Travel's office in Isola delle Femmine becomes regional headquarter of AITR, Associazione Italiana Turismo Responsabile – Italian Association for Responsible Tourism. 

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