• Palermo NoMafia - by Night!

    Learn about the Mafia and the civil Anti-Mafia movement whilst walking through the picturesque historic centre, by night! Discover a city that is finally rebelling against the protection rackets. In July and August, every Wednesday, at 9 pm. The tour is still available every Saturday in the morning.

    No Mafia: Let's Give Color to our Dreams

    Celebration in Capaci (Palermo) on the 21st of May, two days before the anniversary of the massacre that in 1992 killed the prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his bodyguards.

    Schwelle Foundations Peace Award

    We have the privilege to tell you that Addiopizzo has been nominated for the International Bremen Peace Award 2017, in the category 'Encouraging Initiatives'.

  • ChangemakerXchange: the Ashoka summit in Palermo with Addiopizzo Travel

    It will bring together 25 of the region’s top young social entrepreneurs who have developed their own innovative solutions in all fields of social change. It will take place for the first time in Sicily, from 14th to 18th December 2016.

    Palermo and the Anti-mafia tour according to The Guardian

    The British newspaper write abouts the city "like nowhere else in Europe" and recommends the ''No Mafia tour'' by Addiopizzo Travel.

    Corleone beyond the Mafia: special price

    Discover the real Corleone with us! Every Thursday special price € 40 per person,

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