Palermo e il tour antimafia secondo il Guardian

Il quotidiano britannico dedica un bellissimo articolo alla città "like nowhere else in Europe" e su No Mafia tour di Addiopizzo Travel.

Ecco un estratto dall'articolo, la cui versione integrale può essere letta sul sito

Despite major triumphs by the justice system in the 1990s, an ongoing reality of everyday life here is the mafia. This secret network of alliances has dominated the economy of the island and, to a lesser extent, the entire nation for at least a century. Since the shocking assassination of crusading anti-mafia judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992 (after whom Palermo airport is named), a grassroots movement against paying mafia protection money, or pizzo, has emerged – and now there is a No Mafia tour of the town. This guided half-day includes the courthouse where mafiosi have been tried, and various sites and businesses associated with the anti-pizzo campaign.